Shape nails, condition and push back the cuticle, moisturize, polish or buff.

Filing, cuticle conditioning, polish, or buff.

UV extended wear gel polish with up to 14-day wear durability. Mini manicure with file and cuticle work included.

Additional $10 fee to remove previous UV polish requiring a soak-off. Soak off booked separately.

Aroma therapy soak, cuticle work, sugar scrub, hot towels with deep moisturizing, hand massage, polish or buff.

Foot bath, nails clipped and filed, cuticle pushed back, foot and leg exfoliation with aroma therapy sugar scrub, polish or natural finish.

Foot bath, polish change, nails clipped/filed, cuticle pushed back.

Foot bath, clip/file nails, cuticle conditioning with push back, exfoliation of feet and legs with aroma therapy sugar scrub and foot file, moisture mask, hot towels, moisture massage, polish or natural finish.

File, Clip and Shape Nails, Cuticle Treatment, Hand Massage, Buff Shine or Protective Finish

Foot Bath, Nail and Cuticle Trim, Nail Buff, Foot Scrub, Foot Massage

Foot Bath, Nail Trim, Nail Buff